Photo of the Month – Odyssey Pets Bundle

June and July Photo of the Month winners have great prizes! The member whose submitted Photo of the Month photo gets the most votes gets a $50 gift certificate from any club sponsor, gift certificate provided by the club. For list of club sponsors, refer website Forum or follow this link:

All voters are entered into random voter prize, and in both June and July that voter prize is an Odyssey Pets coordinated bundle containing:

  • Odyssey Pets $5 off $25 or more gift certificate
  • Odyssey Pets Fabric Tote Bag
  • Odyssey Pets Sticker
  • Fluval Sticker
  • Sera Food
  • Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance
  • Seachem Pristine

More info in website Forum. Refer Forum or follow this link:

(2) Photo of the Month – June 2023 VOTE HERE – Contest (everyone voting) | DFWMAS

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