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1. When are the meetings and where does the club meet?

The meetings and events are scheduled at least 30 days in advance and rotate locations. Check the Calendar for the next event and our social media announcements contain the information of our events.  You are welcome to attend our events and meet the club members, we look forward to seeing you.

2. What can I expect at a meeting?

A group ranging from 40 to 80 people attend from all over the metroplex, and beyond. With events occurring throughout the year, many make it a point to attend to exchange information about aquarium care and to learn more about the hobby. Snacks and drinks are available at no charge, and your whole family is welcome to attend.

3.How can I join? Do I bring the money to the meeting?

You can pay the annual $25 dues online. Visit the Membership Page for information on how to join.

This same process can be used to renew your membership each year. Once your membership has processed, you can download your membership e-wallet card and a small icon will appear next to your posts on the message board. This avatar identifies you as a club member, and not just a visitor.

4. Are there other benefits to joining the club?

Some LFS offer 10% discounts to members when they show their DFWMAS card. This is especially true if we have a meeting in their store. Feel free to check our forum to find out what stores are offering a discount.

We have events for members only and some forums that only members can access as well.

5. Is there a club newsletter?

Yes. DFWMAS generates a newsletter monthly and is emailed to all members. Information on club events and updates to the website and current hobby-related events.

6. How are reef clubs formed?

Reefkeepers enjoy talking with others in the same hobby and once a number of them have been located, very often a club will the be created for that area. MASNA, a non-profit organization, provides guidelines for the creation of new clubs and hosts the annual MACNA conference. To find out more, visit

7. What is MACNA?

MACNA stands for the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America and it is the largest trade show and educational speaker event in the country. The event is hosted by MASNA every year and features anywhere from 20 to 30 speakers or more educating hobbyists on everything there is to know in the hobby. There are also over 150 worldwide vendors present displaying the most recent advances in gadgets and the best corals/fish you could hope to find.

8. Who runs the club? (Board of Directors and chair members)

Our club votes annually on our BOD members and chair members. You can find the most recent list of volunteers and electees on our About Us page

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We endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. Get in touch.

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