Local Fish Store Bus Tour 2018

The DFW area is experiencing an increase in new and younger hobbyist. It’s an exciting time for an old-timer like me because I see that our hobby has a great future and the environment is becoming an important daily conversation. Many new faces on the bus this year.

On the coldest day of the year thus far we loaded up a bus and took a tour to some of the outstanding fish stores in our area. Dallas North Aquarium is known as the store for the who’s who in Dallas and keeps an inventory of tanks, dry goods, and food that is just mind-blowing and rivals any online store. It’s always a favorite stop and they did not disappoint again this year with great specials and selection.
Second stop was Franks Tanks, the most impeccable store you have ever seen. I asked Frank one time why his store and tanks are so clean and his reply “they don’t clean themselves and it takes a lot of work every day before we open” the pride in his store and the care of his livestock shows. Incredible selection of clams and corals and the specials were awesome.
Freeway closures and traffic was getting the best of us and we were one hour late getting to Ocean Avenue. That was problematic for two reasons, we were hungry and lunch was waiting for us. Every year OA provides lunch on their dime, and we are so grateful for their generosity. The food was fantastic as usual, and the selection of corals are just crazy. They have corals you won’t find at any other store and their specials made it impossible to leave empty-handed.
Glass Aquatics was next, they brought in extra clean-up crews for us and everyone was delighted with the selection and the specials. Livestock was being bagged as fast as the staff could go, and they worked hard to make sure every question was answered and everyone got what they came for. Their experience in the hobby is evident by the quality and selection of their livestock and their store.
Due to the traffic and running a little late at each store we were not able to make our last stop of the day. It’s a long day that started at 8:30 am and ended at 5:30 pm. We were tired and ready to go home to get our newly acquired family into their new homes. It’s a great event and I hope to see you next year on the LFS Bus Tour!


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