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We start 2017 with a new and very interactive website and Face Book page. This project has taken almost three years to launch and it has been quite the journey. We had allot of history with the old site that Wes created and Wes paved a path for us to get many years of life with it.

I value all of those conversation and interaction, information and friendships. It was however time to move forward, and Jose and his team took on the challenge, take the club into the future with the most advanced site that we could afford to create and maintain.

Our mission is education, and the most effective process for this is communication is the new web site.

This new communication tool provides the members and guests access that expands all forms of notification, including face book, twitter and our sponsors web sites. It allows you to choose how you want to be notified of new posts and information via your mobile device, tablet or computer.

We are now ready to engage in the process of transferring the old data from that site into our new site.

? ? ? We will begin this process on February 28th, 2017. We have to close traffic on the new site from 10pm to 8am.

Some forum categories may take less time to transition and when completed the site will be available earlier.

This process will involve a day per forum category; meaning we will do the import on each Tuesday and Wednesday of each week until the process is completed. This schedule is on the days where the site receives the least amount of interaction.

There are several images (most of them) not working on the archive, a lot reference to locations no longer active; those won’t work in the new site. As you know broken image links are just the nature of this hobby.

If you were in the habit of keeping references in your old PMs, I suggest you attempt to retrieve anything you want.

I hope the members find this new site a positive and inviting interaction with fellow hobbyist.

  • Thank you guys for scheduling this maintenance in the middle of the night. I assume that correlates to when the page has the lowest activity.

  • Hello,
    Over the past month I have sent several requests regarding becoming a sponsor for the site, through the sponsor link, but have not heard back from anyone. We are also interested in whether we could be a vendor at the May frag swap. We are a small research group and aquaculture business in Corpus Christi. I can be reached at the email above or called a 512-705-8055. Thanks!

  • I am unable to login to the forums now for some reason. I have my Pw saved in a PW vault and it’s kicking it back out. Also, when I attempt to reset my PW, using my email, the forum password reset function is referencing my OLD email, which I no longer have access to. Who can contact me to assist in resolving, as I cannot access the forum . . Thanks

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