Frag Swap 2018

On Saturday Feb. 24th 2018, DFWMAS held its spring frag swap. We finally got a break in the weather and the rain stopped just in time for the swap. The event started at noon and lasted three hours. We had more than 100 hobbyists waiting in line to be the first in the door and get the hottest pieces before anyone else. By the end of the day, we estimated there were 300 people in attendance throughout the day. Every seller had a line the entire day, and everyone found at least one new coral to take home. Whether they were looking for a Walt Disney or a Rasta, there were corals for all levels of experience and budgets, everyone found an amazing new piece to add to their reef!

If the coral wasn’t enough, Larry DuPont from LRS Foods graciously donated 200 insulated food carriers to the club to be given away. The first 200 people to attend the swap received one of these awesome bags for free and they were gone in the first two hours. In addition, MASNA donated two 2018 full MACNA passes, each seller donated frags, Pod Your Reef donated three $65 Gift Certificates. Finally, the new DFWMAS shirts were displayed and were available. The new shirts will be available shortly to order through Tee Spring.

The event was amazing, hobbyist found great corals and the price was right to take them home. The support from our members and partners made this event one of the most successful club events in recent memory.

Thank you to all that attended the sellers and Heritage Church for allowing us to use their facility.

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