Jan 21 Club Gathering, Raffle & Discounts

For just 1 hour in person Noon – 1pm, club ‘Saturday Gathering’ at new LFS! We heard your desire for weekends, for in person, but still for zoom and guest speakers! We will be trying out both club meetings in the evenings via zoom only and weekend gatherings (flash mob just doesn’t seem right) in person.

Initially it seems confusing, but no harm in trying since sounds like members have an interest in doing both. If you look at our January calendar, Reef Nutrition is Sponsor of the Week and both our Jan 18th Club Meeting and Jan 21 Club Gathering fall within their week, and there is $100 gift card giveaway during zoom only and 25% off Reef Nutrition by The Coral Store new LFS Jan 21st from Noon-1pm, as well as LOTS of other perks, so mask up and come out in person!

This first gathering has details in this Forum link. Refer Forum.


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