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WFH bringing new people to hobby? Or enhancements to existing members?

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Wondering how work from home (WFH) has changed hobby, if any changes. Wondering if new people joining hobby because of work from home (though years ago I talked an employer into letting me have tank in my office off server room). Wondering if others enhanced their saltwater experience because of WFH.

I was WFH before COVID, but I find WFH lets me feed fish more often better foods, cleaner skimmer & filter socks. I set phone alarm at 11:55a and 4:55p with 'Down By Sea' ringtone - fish feeding reminder if I'm head down or in mtg working hard

If you went WFH, then have you noticed WFH changed your routine? If so, how?

Topic starter Posted : 01/22/2022 6:59 am
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I have been WFH for a while now, so i cant say much about lifestyle changes. 
but I definitely can say having the opportunity to go watch my tanks for a while during the day does wonders for calming and decompressing after a stressful meeting or if i start feeling overwhelmed. That increases my appreciation and attention to the tanks.

Posted : 01/24/2022 2:59 am
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Made it easier to convince myself to upgrade from 75 to 210g… not that it was a tough sell lol

Posted : 01/30/2022 12:04 pm
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