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Apex Toggle/Switch box


Hi all,

I put a few of these together, seemed like a fun little project. They're $45, pickup curbside in McKinney or Dallas (635/75) MWTF during working hours. Shipping available for $5.

These boxes allow you to program your Apex to perform different actions using either the momentary push buttons or the toggle switches. For example, you could program the momentary push button to start feed mode or program the toggle switch to start maintenance mode or an emergency shut down. Programing the buttons is pretty easy but does require some knowledge of Apex programming. Before you get intimidated by the programming part, you might look around Google, YouTube or even the sub-forum for Apex right here on R2R. The programming itself for Apex is actually pretty straight forward so don't start off thinking it's too much. You can always PM me and I'll be glad to help with some basic info to get you going.

The 6 button option shown below plugs directly into the I/O port on the Apex (except Jr.), PM1, PM2, and PM3. It uses the same port as the Breakout Box. If you already have a breakout box installed I can easily make you a box with a custom number of buttons or switches to plug into your breakout box so that you won't be stuck rewiring everything.

Custom layouts available and a few different colors (black, grey, orange, red, fluorescent green).

The cords are ~6' long.

Apex boxes


apex box

 PM with any questions.

Topic starter Posted : 01/13/2021 8:07 am

Ok, I want to clear out the remaining parts I have for these.

Solid black box.
Silver buttons x4
Toggles x2 (see picture for available colors)

$35 shipped, $30 if picked up in Mckinney or Dallas and 635/75 during working hours.

Topic starter Posted : 05/15/2021 9:29 pm
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